Biometric Solutions

Provider of hi-technology products and solutions for the Government, BFSI and Telecom space

Biometric Enabler System

The buzzword in today’s computer and network world is Biometrics. With every business, government and financial bodies are looking to tighten their security and safety, adoption of verification and authentication go hand-in-hand.

Human aspects such as biological, physiological or behavioural characteristics are used to automatically authenticate the identification of an individual from the stored records.

Integra has spent over several hundred man years in R&D and implementation of biometrics and RFID associated solutions.

The combination of its engineering skills and distribution channels, Integra offers great value added solutions -

  1. Time and Attendance systems
  2. Election management systems
  3. User rights based zone control systems
  4. Systems integration of biometrics and RFID technologies with any other system

The complete solution comprises of third party hardware and Integra provided backend software to providing stakeholders a complete ecosystem to manage operations with quicker decision making capabilities.

STQC Finger Print Sensors: Optical and Capacitive

Integra promotes FP readers from Futronics and 3M

Application of biometrics

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication System
  2. Zone Control - digital and physical
  3. Computer Login's - multi-factor authentication for OS and channels
  4. Transactions via e-commerce
  5. Search of digital libraries
  6. Computer logins
  7. Access to internet and local networks
  8. Document encryption
  9. Tracking and storing time and attendance
  10. Law enforcement and prison management
  11. Automated medical diagnostics