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Logical Doc

Integra has been in the domain of document management and scanning services since 1991, when it pioneered the concept of scan, archival and retrieval of customer signatures for banks and other financial institutions. Over 90% banks in India are still associated with us and are using our document management and scanning services.

Being one among the best document management solutions, LogicalDoc features an intuitive interface that is easy to adopt and use, as it required no training. LogocalDoc is a widely-accepted everywhere because of its advance technology and high standards to facilitate a non-invasive integration with your system. Thus, solving all your document management needs.

LogicalDOC is a document management platform that allows you to optimize your research by searching through documents using parameters, keywords, or content (full-text). The advantage of LogicalDOC is its simplicity in both data entry and document retrieval. It does not require to install client software for use. You can access the system by authenticating yourself to the system. Designed for companies that require a document management system for easy installation and avoid start-up issues.


  • Online Document Management (Cloud) - Online document management system hosted at the LogicalDoc data center, offers a safer ways to create, collaborate and share data
  • LogicalDoc Mobile - Get a productivity boost for your iPhone, iPad and Android services

LogicalDoc is available in three different versions to suit your business requirements:

  • Enterprise and Cloud
  • Business
  • Community

In Enterprise/Cloud and business versions the data will be set-up and maintained in the LogicalDoc data center. All that you have to do is install the software and forget all the infrastructure and maintenance issues.

Where as, in the community version, the open source version for users allows them to interact with the source code, familiarizing with the system and developing new modules and features.


  • Centralized source of information
  • Improved security
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Improved workflow
  • Maximized customer satisfaction
  • Autonomous
  • Automatic
  • Secure