Banking and Payment Systems

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Payment Gateway

Issues of trust and acceptance play a significant role in today’s business of digital delivery. Traditionally, a payment system was used to settle financial transactions through transfer of money between two parties, predominantly in cash, but with evolving times, this system has had a makeover, and has given way to modern ways of cashless transactions such as electronic funds transfer (EFT), payment cards, (debit/credit), smart cards, digital money (e-money/e-cash), digital wallets (e-wallets), online payment systems, mobile payments and more.

Electronic payment systems are becoming central to online business process innovation, as companies look for ways to serve customers faster and at lower costs. E-payments are proliferating industries such as banking, retail, healthcare, online markets and Governments.

Through its vast innovation and experience in professional banking systems, Integra has built several products lines that solve real world problems in the payments space.

Integra offers the following product lines and solutions

  1. Transaction Gateway for inter/ intra bank transactions
  2. Closed Wallet System
  3. UPI / PSP
  4. Interface to credit card/ debit card ecosystems on mobile, with PIN Pad
  5. Interface to national payment settlement systems like NPCI
  6. Transaction integration with third party authentication systems – Aadhaar (UIDAI), NDSL, on-premise biometric systems
  7. Interface to third party semi-closed wallet systems
  8. Multiple access channels – Mobile, Web, MicroATM, Kiosk

Applications include

  1. Mobile Payments – Web, Wallet, Banking Account, third party – billing, Cash-in and Cash-out services
  2. Disbursements – Pensions, Wages
  3. Mobile Banking – Banking account to account, banking services
  4. Loan repayment solutions
  5. Tab Banking – enrollments, account generation
  6. Agent Assisted Services – insurance, third party product sales, commissions management