Provider of hi-technology products and solutions for the Government, BFSI and Telecom space


With evolving times, the use of ICT in Governance is imperative. This enables the enhancement of information delivery, transparency and quality of service to citizens in the most of optimal manner. This access to information empowers citizens and enables their involvement in Governance. Thus enhancing citizen’s economic and social opportunities.

Integra has enabled various Government organisations with eGovernance initiatives for stronger and transparent functioning of their departments, in India and Africa.

Key Areas

  1. Aadhaar enabled payments
  2. Multi-factor authentication
  3. Aadhaar Enrolment Appointment Portal
  4. Aadhaar authentication and Best Finger Detection
  5. AUA, KUA
  6. iASK
  7. eKYC
  8. ePassport
  9. PDS
  10. eGovernance services portal
  11. Integrated Project Management System - for railway construction divisions
  12. Biometrics based election management systems
  13. Election ID card processing software
  14. Driving license systems
  15. Asset Management System
  16. Fleet Management System
  17. Agri-commodity system
  18. Motor vehicle registration
  19. Data-warehousing for elections and revenue authority

Service Offered

  1. System studies
  2. Integration with ICR/OCR/OMR and biometrics
  3. Project management and quality consulting
  4. Software development and implementation
  5. Technology consulting
  6. Systems integration