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Scan Com

When it comes to selecting a Signature Storage and Retrieval system, there's one solution that's trusted by Leading Banks, Financial Institutions, Share Departments and Registrar and Transfer Houses.

ScanCom from Integra Micro Systems. The first choice when it comes to signature/photograph storage-retrieval systems. ScanCom is widely in use and field-proven. In a wide variety of application areas ranging from share transfer to cheque clearance and draft verification to subscriber services and personnel information systems.

Graphical User Interface will dominate the future software trends, as it has become necessary to integrate images with data and text. Database management systems find varied applications in financial institutions, corporate organizations, defense, government or any organization where stored information needs constant interaction with print media.

ScanCom, a major technological breakthrough in this area gives you a solution to text and image integration to your applications. With ScanCom you can store images along with other related data in your database, retrieve the images along with text and display them on your PC. You can also edit the images to suit your needs.

ScanCom comes with a number of key features which include:

  1. Ability to scan the images and edit them as necessary
  2. Ability to store the images along with related data
  3. Access to the image database
  4. Reproduce the stored images in print media
  5. Reduce paper to increase efficiency and productivity
  6. Support for colour photographs
  7. Support for signature printing
  8. The ability to work in heterogeneous environments, including MS-DOS, UNIX, Novell NetWare and VAX/VMS
  10. Working on serial, Ethernet and wide area networks (PSTN, PSDN)
  11. Providing signature display support for MS-DOS/MS-Windows based PCs and VXL's VM2700/ScanCom terminal

What’s more, ScanCom is available as C-callable libraries which can be effectively integrated with your applications, helping you to use existing applications more effectively. ScanCom is truly the total solution for signature/photograph storage and retrieval.

Do email us, giving your area of application and we'll get back with details of how ScanCom is being effectively used by organizations, as a total solution, in your area of interest.