Enrolment System

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Enrollment System

The first step towards Financial Inclusion is the enrolment of people to open accounts for banking or other financial services.

The compliance to KYC requirements is one of the key objectives that drive enrollments in the field. The strength of KYC varies from Bank led Financial Inclusion activities to Enterprise led (Telco, Mobile Money) activities.

iMFAST Platform consists of various enrolment components that can be individually customized to service varying enrolment requirements.

M-enroll application from iMFAST is a versatile software that runs on multiple devices - mobile phones, laptops, tablets and MicroATM terminals.


Enrollment System
  1. Configurable fields
  2. Configurate Pre-populated fields
  3. Location based enrolments
  4. Double Verification mechanisms [- maker - checker]
  5. Operator authentication to use enrolment system
  6. Capture biometrics through FP sensor, Iris Scanner, and through MicroATM device
  7. Auto-face detection
  8. Auto-encrypted data storage and transfer to data exchange portals
  9. Online / Offline data transfer mechanisms
  10. OCR-ICR-OMR image based quick data entry for bulk entries
  11. Multiple platforms and devices

M-enroll can be coupled with backend systems to provide a full range of enrolment services -

  1. Data Exchange Portal

    a strong back-end system for aggregation of data from enrolment systems in the field, and can be used for tracking data movement with extensive MIS reporting tools.

  2. Customer Identification and Authorization Portal

    The enrolled data can be verified over the web by multiple checkers and tagged with various parameters for further processing with third party systems