iAsset : Asset Management System

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Accurate knowledge and accounting of assets is crucial to profitably run business operations. With various regulations imposed by Governments and accounting principles, it is imperative for organizations to monitor and maintain assets throughout their lifecycle through a formal, fair and transparent process.

Deployment of an asset management system in an enterprise brings in value by ensuring:

  1. Compliance to regulations
  2. Accurate accounting of assets
  3. Lowered TCO of assets
  4. Optimal asset utilization


iAsset, is a full lifecycle asset management system. It caters to all types of assets that belong to an enterprise - IT assets, fixed assets or intangible assets.

iAsset is designed as a conglomeration of various plug and play component modules that could otherwise be used for very specific needs.

Assets can be created or acquired as an outcome of various business decisions.

While creation of an asset is equivalent to running a project, this module of iAsset is a full-fledged Project Implementation and Monitoring System. This ensures that creation of an asset is well managed and monitored through a structured process that encompasses all aspects of project management, while providing optimal transparency through all stakeholders.

Asset acquisition is an important module that ensures acquisition is well accounted through a policy specific manner.

Asset track and trace module provides location based asset tracking to give you information on utilization of all assets at the click of a mouse. This can also be completely automated through the use of barcodes/ RFID for all your tangible assets.

Maintenance and Trouble Ticketing module is designed to provide excellent Quality of Service to ensure business continuity. This includes an IVR based help desk system to generate preventive maintenance work orders, while also receive fault complaints and generate related work orders, generate tickets to various maintenance personnel through email and mobile, and track through till order completion. It can be used to monitor staff and asset performance to provide up to date information on all your enterprise assets.

Asset disposal module ensures compliance to all policy guidelines on disposal of assets. This includes transfer of ownership within an enterprise, lease or outright sale of assets.

Key Features

  1. Asset creation
  2. Asset acquisition
  3. Trace and Trace with optional barcode and RFID
  4. Maintenance and Fault management
  5. Asset disposal
  6. Integrate with finance/ accounting systems
  7. Document management system
  8. Staff management and performance SLAs
  9. Inventory management
  10. Intelligent reporting services

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