iDMS: Document Management System

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Integra has been in the domain of document management and scanning services since 1991, when it pioneered the concept of scan, archival and retrieval of customer signatures for banks and other financial institutions. Over 90% banks in India still use Integra’s software - Scancom.

Document management system (iDMS) is an application used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. There are several common issues that are involved in managing documents, when it is informal, ad-hoc, paper-based method for one person or many users. It creates a central repository of the documents, and has a powerful search engine to search and retrieve documents.

iDMS handles Scanned Document Images, Electronic Documents, Emails and Electronic Data Output from other applications with equal efficiency and ease. iDMSpowers seamlessly collaborate, communicate and share knowledge across and beyond the Enterprise.

iDMS Applications

  1. Document Image Archival and Enterprise Content Management
  2. Collaboration across the Enterprise
  3. eGovernance
  4. Image enable ERP, CRM and Core Banking Applications
  5. Records Management
  6. Knowledge Management


iDMS captures Integra’s vast experience in implementing Imaging solutions. As a robust and resilient solution, it provides a number of direct and tangible benefits:

  1. Provides a paperless office, which is organized and free of paper flab
  2. Productivity improvements as the amount of time spent searching for and recreating data is dramatically reduced- enabled by powerful search and retrieve mechanisms and version management
  3. Competitive edge by making critical business decisions more efficiently and effectively with valuable information stores leveraged for thousands of Intranet and Internet users
  4. Closer customer relationships, and stronger partner ties by decreasing the response time and handling the queries of members more efficiently
  5. The system would generate extensive reports on different criteria for increasing the overall efficiency
  6. Peace of mind that comes from making enterprise knowledge readily accessible within and outside the enterprise with the assurance of secure access, version control and sophisticated audit trails
  7. Easy installation and deployment of iDMS solution that can be completely customized to meet diverse enterprise and industry-specific needs
  8. Safety against natural disasters and loss of paper documents by storing the documents in digitized format, which can be maintained in offline storage media and stored in remote locations
  9. Save on paper and stationary costs by online distribution of all the required documents