iFMS : Fleet Management System

Provider of hi-technology products and solutions for the Government, BFSI and Telecom space


Organizations of all sizes, across industries, run a fairly large percentage of their daily operations through transportation. Vehicles could be purchased, hired or leased as deemed necessary.

In most cases, motor vehicle fleet management is person dependent and generally lacks transparency, making it difficult to accurately take account of expenses towards acquisition, maintenance, running costs and measurement of vehicle and staff performance. This problem gets proportionately compounded with the size of an organization. Large organizations with multiple business units and departments manage their own fleet in a very insular manner that lacks transparency, often resulting in unnecessarily high ownership costs, lower vehicle utilization and unaccounted staff efficiency.

With increasing business challenges, the need for cutting costs and efficiently running all operations is no longer a passing fad. Fleet management demands a strategic view point to ensure:

  1. Accurate and transparent management of expenses
  2. Efficient vehicle and staff utilization
  3. Lowered total cost of ownership
  4. Monitored maintenance
  5. Employee safety and compliance to regulations

iFMS covers the entire lifecycle of vehicle fleet belonging to organizations of varying sizes, by effectively combining people, process, knowledge and technology - from acquisition, running, maintenance to its disposal. It brings in, accurate and transparent accounting of all operations associated with this lifecycle.

  1. Vehicle acquisition and disposal
  2. Location tracking*
  3. Fuel management
  4. Tire management
  5. Inventory management**
  6. Maintenance schedules
  7. Route schedules
  8. Vehicle and staff utilization, performance
  9. Integrate with existing expense tracking system
  10. Work orders and invoice management
  11. SLA based fault ticket generation and maintenance tracking through email and mobile
  12. Document Management System
  13. Intelligent reporting services

* Optional GPS Map interface
** Optional Barcode/ RFID based parts tracking

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