iFRS : Form Recognition Software

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Any business environment involved in the analysis and processing of data from pre-defined application forms, feedback sheet, etc. the extraction of required information from the data sheets by way of manual entry is a time consuming process. Recent advancements in imaging technology have resulted in effecting an increase in the efficiency of data capture from paper forms and enabling automation at subsequent stages.

Character recognition technologies like OCR, ICR , OMR have substantially reduced this time for extraction of data and advancements in this area have resulted in these technologies being used for day-to-day applications.

Integra's iFRS integrates ICR, OCR and OMR technologies, which, till recently, were available only on high-end systems. With its long standing work in providing state of the art imaging technology for mainstream applications, Integra brings customised, workflow based solutions that integrate both open source and proprietary technologies in character and mark recognition. This enables organisations to improve overall productivity, accuracy and transparency in the most optimal way - on premise or on the cloud.


  1. Recognition engine based on technology from NIST

    World Class technology gives you the best recognition capability available today.

  2. Visual forms definition

    Easy to use forms definition with interactive identification of regions to process on a document.

  3. Works with low-quality images

    iFRS recognition technology and Integra's own imaging toolkit combine to give excellent recognition, even when the images are not the best.

  4. Fast visual verification mode

    No recognition system is foolproof. In order for a recognition system to be effective, the verification stage should be as good as the other modules. iFRS has a very fast verification option to handle those really bad documents.

  5. Intelligent suggestions for wrongly recognized words

    Further support for visual verification. Words detected as misspelt or recognized with low-confidence level are automatically provided with intelligent alternates.

  6. Job control information

    iFRS makes administrator's tasks easier by providing full job control information to track batches of documents and to know their status.

  7. Automatic de-skewing

    Skewing of documents during scanning is a reality. iFRS can handle documents even with a fairly large amounts of skew, which makes its recognition that much more effective.

  8. Support for all TWAIN compatible scanners

    FRS uses Integra's imaging toolkit, IDEA, to support all TWAIN compatible scanners - desktop-sheetfeed, flatbed, production-document feeder, etc.

  9. Automatic cropping of signatures or selected area

    iFRS provides for an option to extract selected areas of a document and store it as an image. This can be used to crop signatures, name/address fields, etc. in parallel with the ICR operation.

  10. Flexible export options

    iFRS allows export of recognized data in simple user-definable formats to allow a wide variety of applications like spreadsheets and databases to be used on this data.

  11. Batch processing for volume operations

    Designed from the ground-up to handle large volumes of data. Can easily work with high-speed scanners to process large number of forms. Batch mode operations make it easy for the administrator.

  12. Grading and Analysis of results

    iFRS provides grading and analysis of recognized data.

  13. Dictionary based verification of recognized data

    Field specific dictionaries can be specified to result in near hundred percent accuracy.

  14. Automatic form identification

    iFRS has an optional module to detect the type of form, using OMR, and process it automatically, allowing for mixing different types of forms in a single batch.

  15. Data Encryption

    Recognized data can be stored in an encrypted form.