Remote Management System

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Remote Management System

How does one centrally manage thousands of transacting devices in the field, smart cards, add / remove new services and servers?

The problem is compounded under the following types :

  1. Different devices
  2. Different models of the same device
  3. Different Operating Systems
  4. Different versions of Firmware
  5. Different versions of the applications running on the devices
  6. Different hardware for different device models

In Financial Inclusion, the business is run through Field Agents and their handheld devices (Mobile phones, Tablets, POS Terminals, MicroATMs) in the field. Without a functioning device, the location is turned off and people cannot transact, causing disruption in service delivery and financial losses that eventually effect the brand and image of the institution.

Hence, the device is of prime importance, and its health needs to be remotely monitored, to ensure business continuity across the areas of service coverage.

iMFAST is designed to cover all aspects of Financial Inclusion operations. The Remote Managmeent System, iMFAST - RMS, plays a key role in ensuring business continuity.


  1. Dashboard to monitor devices across areas of service coverage
  2. Remote diagnostics of device whenever it connects to remote management system
  3. Over-The-Air upgrades
  4. Add / Remove services
  5. Remotely manage smart cards of customers and the field agent
  6. Remotely manage handheld terminals
  7. Remotely manage backend servers
  8. IVR integrated for call centre support
  9. iHELP - Help Desk Portal to log issues and raise tickets for resolution
  10. SLA Monitoring and Alerts over SMS, Email, and Voice recorded message to concerned stakeholders