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Scanning made faster and easier with Scansnap iX100- wireless portable scanner with wifi connectivity

canning made faster and easier with Scansnap iX100- wireless portable scanner with wifi connectivity

ScanSnap iX100, is the world’s lightest and fastest scanner. A complete wireless scanner which scans contracts, receipts, and plastic cards, with the touch of a single button. It can scan a single-side color A4 document at 300 dpi at a blazing speed of 5.2 seconds. Scansnap iX00 has a built in Wi-fi which automatically detects network from anywhere and with the direct connect mode you can scan wirelessly without a router. Thus, making working from anywhere, at any time possible.

Weather you are using a desktop computer, laptop, smart phone or a tablet, Scansnap iX100 is easily compatible with all the devices. With the ScanSnap Connect Application you can scan easily to the PC or mobile, thus, delivering the scan anytime, scan anywhere potential. This device is easily chargeable and can effortlessly scan documents into your mobile phone, computer and to the cloud.


  1. he world’s fastest battery powered ScanSnap – Scans documents at the scanning speed of 5.2 seconds per page.
  2. Lithium battery powered – Scans up to 260 letters sized documents on a single charge and easily recharge using a USB charger.
  3. Wireless scanning to mobile devices – Direct Connect mode enables you to scan wirelessley to mobile phones.
  4. Dual scan and continuous scanning function- Scan up to two small sized documents at the same time.
  5. Automatically stitch together a two-page spread – Just fold, scan one side, flip and scan the other side.
  6. Lightweight at a mere 400g.
  7. Compatible with PC or Mac – Making flexibility at its ease, this Scansnap works on both Mac and PC OS.
  8. More ways to scan to the cloud – Scan to Evernote, Google Docs, Salesforce, SugarSync and more.Â
  9. Built in ‘GI’ processor - For intelligent image enhancement responsible for amazing picture clarity.

A multifunction printer that can take care of your basic scanning needs pretty handily and for a quick-and-easy mobile scanning, the ScanSnap iX100’s built-in battery, Wi-Fi, and mobile app deliver will not disappoint you.


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