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Stressed of all the clutter at your office and home? Want to get rid of all the paper stashed ?

Yes, you can get the paper clutter at your office and home in control by going the scanning way !

Fujitsu range of scanners makes simple, intuitive scanners with a small footprint and high speeds, just that you need for personal business use, at your desk or home office. Fujitsu today is a dominant market leader in its sales of document scanners, with more than 50% market share worldwide. With a reputation for reliability and a pool of experience, Fujitsu scanners are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Integra Micro Systems is the leading distributor and service provider for scanners in India. Integra understands the imaging requirements in the industry and is rightly positioned to promote complete solutions.

Industries benefiting from Fujitsu Scanners and how -

  1. Healthcare: Dynamic color dropout for health insurance forms.
  2. Accounting: Image enhancement for high accuracy OCR.
  3. Mortgage: High speed scanners with high resolution for multiple form processing.
  4. Transportation: Amazing image quality for color shipping documents.
  5. Finance: Quick double-side capture of documents in minimal time.

What does this mean to you?

  1. Getting rid of the junk.
  2. No more requirements for holding back physical receipts, documents, files. Etc.
  3. Store all data on a computer, thus, giving you more room space.
  4. Organizing and hunting documents takes less time.
  5. Business cards can be scanned and saved for future use without worrying about losing them.

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