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Going the paperless way

Going the paperless way

19 – Is the average time a paper document takes to get copied

7.5% – Is the average rate that the papers gets lost

3% – Of the files gets misfiled everyday.

These are just a few facts that we are aware off. While 90% of corporate memory is still on paper and with the usage of paper documents growing by the day it becomes necessary for us to move on to scanners and embrace the paperless world.

We list top 5 top reasons why you need to go paperless.

why you need to go paperless
  1. Make more room – Get rid of all the old files in your office and desk. Thus, making more room for you and making it a happier place.
  2. Save time – Professionals spend an average of 5-15% of their time reading information and up to 50% looking for it. Think about how much time you can save by document scanning and imaging, leaving you with more time to work on important things.
  3. Preparing for Disaster – Scanning important files and documents now will save you from the probable loss through accidents like theft, fire or a flood. Prepare for disaster today than being sorry in the future.
  4. Document and file sharing made easy – Bid goodbye to having to hunt for files, copying them or even replacing them by document scanning and imaging at your work. You can just scan and store your copies for future use and not worry about having access to your hard copies. Thus, going the paperless revolution way!
  5. Save money – A one time investment in an effective document management and scanning program will not only save you time but a lot of money too. Choose the right document scanning and imaging company to turn your business efficient and productive.Get in touch with us to go the paperless way with our wide range of scanners.


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