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Manage business-critical operations backed by MySQL SECURITY

Manage business-critical operations backed by MySQL SECURITY

Data volumes and data users are increasing by the day - driven by the growing internet penetration across IT, Government organisations, BFSI, telecom, e-commerce and more. Security becomes the foremost concern for organisations around the world, to run their IT and to efficiently manage business-critical operations.

MySQL Enterprise Edition includes the most comprehensive set of advanced features, management tools and enterprise grade SLA based support to achieve optimised performance, reduced risks and complexity in the development and maintenance of business critical software applications.

Guarding the data assets of corporations is the number one job of database professionals, MySQL offers exceptional security features that ensure absolute data protection.

MySql Enterprise Edition is the most preferred software today because of its data protection and authentication

  1. MySQL provides powerful mechanisms for ensuring only authorized users have entry to the database server
  2. Has the ability to block users down to the client machine level
  3. SSH and SSL support are provided to ensure safe and secure connections
  4. A granular object privilege framework is present so that users only see the data they should.
  5. Powerful data encryption and decryption functions ensure that sensitive data is protected from unauthorized viewing
  6. MySQL allows for complete logical and physical backup as well as full and point-in-time recovery

Author: Meghana GK


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