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Resolve critical issues before they occur with Red Hat Insights

Manage business-critical operations backed by MySQL SECURITY

Predictive analytics helps you see what's happening in your IT environment. It also allows staff to fix technical issues before they impact your environment-avoiding costly downtime.

Red Hat® Insights gives your business the ability to predict and prevent problems before they occur. You get real-time, in-depth analysis of your Red Hat infrastructure to proactively identify threats to security, performance, and stability.

As existing workloads evolve and deployments grow in size and complexity, risk management is a key challenge for enterprise IT. Red Hat® Insights provides highly scalable, prescriptive analytics that help users proactively identify and resolve configuration risks before business operations are affected. Using extensive technical knowledge, Red Hat Insights offers analytics for containers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, and other Red Hat products to identify issues and deliver clear, tailored, and actionable recommendations across environments.

When it comes to effective solution Red Hat Insight delivers the following:

  1. Predictive I. T. Analytics
  2. Automated Expert Assessment
  3. Rapid Time to Value
  4. Minimize Human Error

Watch the below video and start proactively finding and fixing infrastructure risks today.

Author: Red Hat


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